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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lady Chatterly's Lover

I haven't written in a little while, mainly because this is a blog about finishing books and I've been reading Shogun for the past month now, if not longer. I'm almost done!!! But I forgot that I never wrote about Lady Chatterly's Lover, which I read during the last two weeks of Ender's life and finished well over a month ago.

I really don't even know what to write about it, honestly, I just told myself I would. It wasn't as memorable or as gaspingly risque as I've always heard or hoped. Maybe I'm jaded because I'm a sexual deviant and I indulge in all sorts of fetishes, including bondage and domination, and I perform onstage as a dominatrix who indulges in all sorts of fetishes. It could be all the porn I've watched and filmed, it could be all the sex parties I've attended. Oh, is my family reading this? Not likely. They don't want to know nor do they care. I love that the word "cunt" is used. It's not used in a derogatory manner, just very matter-of-fact, in plain English, a vagina is referred to as a cunt. Funny to note that the word shows up as being misspelled. I'm sure the word has been around for centuries, and just fell out of fashion in the Victorian times when everyone pretended to be demure and virginal. I like the word cunt, I think it has a nice ring to it. I don't find it offensive, and think it's funny when many women go absolutely wacko when someone calls them a cunt in an intentionally insulting way. I think it feels good to be called a cunt. It's affirming for me. When a woman calls me a cunt it means I really, really pissed her off. This likely happened because she really pissed me off  first and I'm just returning the favor, and obviously I did it better than she. If a guy calls me a cunt, it usually means its because he wants to bone me and I've just bluntly turned him down. I wish I had specific examples of when this has happened so I can tell you a funny story, but I can't remember any. This could turn into a lengthy monologue about the word and its various uses, but I assume most people already know this and have their own experiences with it, either being called a cunt and it bothering them, or of being bothered by someone who you feel like calling a cunt. Either way, I'm limited by my own experience and the fact that the word doesn't bother me, so I'll leave it at that.You know what word does bother me, when referring to the female sex organs? Gash. It's so very open-wound-y sounding, like we have blood and pus oozing out of us at every moment of our life. Like we should really have that looked at before we get gangrene. It's just not appetizing at all, and I love vagina. In fact.. nevermind. I've realized this has degraded into something else entirely, and I was supposed to be writing about the book I read and almost totally forgot because it's been over a month and Shogun is far more interesting.
I guess my point is, it takes a hell of a lot to shock me, and a lot more than the word cunt to turn me on. I'm so jaded by all the porn I watch, probably. I also know that I'm going to have to change this blog to mature content now so on that note, I leave you alone with your own thoughts on dirty words. 

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